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What Are We Doing feat. Brandy

What Are We Doing feat. Brandy



Do you remember when it was All about the feelings in my heart When did this love become so dark So left field So bizarre Well it sure would be nice just to hear you be honest Nothing but raw emotion is what I'm wanting It's like you ain't coming from the heart Are we lost? Where's the spark? I wanna know CHORUS If love makes us in the stars And the soul makes up who we are Then if we don't speak from the heart What are we doing? What are we doing? If what we've got's true love And love is all we need And if we don't say what we mean What are we doing? What are we doing? HOOK What are we doing now? (x4) Someone told me back in the day "Without passion, it's all in vain" I recall my mama used to say "Without hard work, love will fade" Well, it sure would be nice to get chills like I used to Lost in your touch, so caught up like it's voodoo We can work it out cause all it takes Is a man (like you) And a woman (like me) To cooperate CHORUS HOOK Where do we go from here? (repeat x7) CHORUS HOOK

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