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Track by Sublime


作詞:Eric Wilson/Floyd Gaugh/ブラッドリー・ノウエル

作曲:Eric Wilson/Floyd Gaugh/ブラッドリー・ノウエル

I don't practice Santeria Got no crystal ball I had a million dollars But I'd spend it all If I could find that heina And that Sancho that she's found I'd pop a cap in Sancho And I'd smack her down All I really wanna say I can't define it's love I need But my soul will have to wait Till I get back and find a heina of my own Daddy's gonna love one and all I feel the break and I got to live it out I swear that I really wanna know All I really wanna say is I got mine And I'll make it, yes, I'm comin' up Tell Sanchito that if he knows what is good for him He best go run and hide Daddy's got a new 45 And I won't think twice To put that barrel straight down Sancho's throat Believe me When I say that I got somethin' for his punk ass What I really wanna say is There's just one way back And I'll make it But my soul will have to wait

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