Strength Of A Woman

Strength Of A Woman

Track by Mary J. Blige


作詞:デヴィオン・ファリス/ベンジャミン・ライト/メアリー・J.ブライジ/Brandon Alexander/Eric Dawkins

作曲:デヴィオン・ファリス/ベンジャミン・ライト/メアリー・J.ブライジ/Brandon Alexander/Eric Dawkins

I am woman Hear me out Never claimed to be something I'm not Don't want what's yours Just want what's mine Not tryna take over I just want my spot How can life go on without me here It's impossible, oh All the pain endured to give life And we keep giving And giving and giving And that's the Strength of a woman Is love I'll be that rock when you need it The pillow for your sleep I am woman You know And I shouldn't have to prove it Cause it's just what I do I am woman Not saying move over I'm just here to help That's what God made me for You ain't gotta build by yourself You got your pride Don't let it make you blind No need to be walking behind You're better with me by your side We are the wisdom Like the guiding light We're the trees last standing Through the storms of life We love so hard And we've come so far Can't hold us back Cause here we are

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