Let It Sway

Let It Sway

Track by DYGL


作詞:Nobuki Akiyama

作曲:Nobuki Akiyama

Laughing aloud in the
midnight streets
You say "T.G.I. not F"
I need time to talk with you
Deeper than we've ever did
I found the pains
inside my heart
Devote it all to your eyes
I found the key made
for no doors
We go crazy
We go crazy days and nights
Oh no no no
it's just a little game
Are we drowning?
Or just dancing
through the night?
Oh no no no
Let it go, or let it sway
I never know what's all about
The pride you've owned all along
The cooler way
and the bored kids
Spit the blood to the fame
No matter what it's turning out
They must set the night on fire
No matter how we're trying out

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