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Pop n' Top

Pop n' Top

Track by SOUL'd OUT




Yea, yea, yea, yea, yea, yeah! All tha way live from Pop n' Top S.O Radio A-yo, This is Diggy speakin' Everybody listenin' to this night now Please sit back just relax Don't worry 'bout fuckin' trifles Whatever goes goes Let nature take her own course aight?! OK, I think you're ready Today's first song It goes a little somethin' like this Check it out! Yo, Drop tha Pop n'Top D-cop chop tha words I'm tha back up of a lotta strugglin' urbs I never explain it all You know tha music just sparked my interest tha most A competent man to make a plan for all things I'm just tryin' to understand I think it over again I won't let you down I just don't wanna be insane To keep on makin' tha lyrics and music to groove That's what I do With this method a lot can be learned If I don't at least do this much I won't be able to fuel my cool August makes a girl nude And her hero was born to lose Hello, How are you? A romance in my rhyme book starts to move And it's comin' wit somethin' new Must be tha wrong place Tha night filled wit love and hate And you drift away What's goin' on?! Maybe my friends they feel tha same Don't be scared Everybody stay tame I remember too many dayz like yesterday I just wanna see tha next day A-Yo, Kid Diggy Baby Tricky in a Flame Aw! We're togetha on our way Get ready to play We don't alienate you from my A.R.E.A Tha system seems to restrain us They actually just wait to take our tapes day after day You need to justify tha reason behind your face I know what you wanna say So, I say "It's OK" Some say "Wait" I say "Yo, I'm really OK" Just know how to behave A! <♪> MAN WOMAN DEATH COPPA RED BLUE BLACK COLA BOY GIRL KISS LOVA MINE YOURS TRUTH HAPPY? Tha structure of Dream wonderland Place your life into images A-yo, Kids! Jolly characters, ice cream, cakes and candies I was cruisin' around Maihama where ☆☆☆ is I thought it was similar to my project Then I was caught up wit some record company business I set my heart to realness So long I found this ALIVE is to express myself and to represent SOUL'd OUT without a doubt My cru is always givin' me a reason why I have to hold out Tricky D is in tha house Breakbeats gonna rock tha house I wanna see your face in tha crowd A futuristic cru and me are callin' you out <♪> MAN WOMAN DEATH COPPA RED BLUE BLACK COLA BOY GIRL KISS LOVA MINE YOURS TRUTH HAPPY? <♪> MAN WOMAN DEATH COPPA RED BLUE BLACK COLA BOY GIRL KISS LOVA …


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