Track by Space Cowboy


作詞:NICK DRESTI/Martin Kierszenbaum

作曲:NICK DRESTI/Martin Kierszenbaum

Ooh ooh invisible Whoa-oh Ooh Ooh. This one is called Invisible She'll make you feel invisible She'll make you feel like you're not in the room at all She'll make your heart just disappear She'll make you feel like you're nothing at all to her And anything you just said is forgotten anyway and any romance or gesture is just a shout away And I don't know why I do it, but do it anyway Guess I'm a glutton for punishment Just to run away I am, I am. I am invisible x4 She'll make you feel incredible. She'll make her mark like indelible ink on you She'll make you dream a thousand dreams But when you wake up you're waking up by yourself And now you feel like there's room for six every day Reading back numbers to believe in what she say Why does she say the things she says if she really don't mean it If there's a glimmer of hope you know you can't believe it. I am, I am. I am invisible x4 Like a magician she's wishin that I would disappear Or when I do all she wants me to do is reappear And I can't take it no more so baby i'm outta here and now my bottles are empty so now my head is clear Ooh Ooh invisible x3 I am, I am. I am invisible x4


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