Druglord Superstar

Druglord Superstar

Track by MC Lyte


作詞:Mc Lyte

作曲:Goldenboy Music/Rashad Smith

Got a new gig, here you come again kid fresh out the dog, done did your bid but you can't stay here no more Not in this crib Not with the foul way that you used to live I remember you would take long trips on the first of the month not giving a f**k about what I want Break -- uhh! Breathe lyte! Breathe! The day that you left I spent mad dough trying to get shit fixed cause of your f**king death wish Broken glass everywhere, cause a motherf**ka like you just didn't care Got my shit shot up, had to buy a new body for my Benz, cause of your wild ass friends Years ago when you started on the scene, back and forth smuggling shit from Caribbean It was you and your boy Dunn, making them suicide runs But it was all in fun till Dunn tried to run with half of your cut Now your boss is looking at you saying "What the f**k is up?" What's up? But you say, "F**k him" you could start your own ring and things Besides you get a lot of peeps to swing Now you got eight men working 7 days a week 2 be the runners, 5 on the street 1 be the side kick,, the right hand, you know the one that ride shotgun thinking he the man They'd kill to be where you are, oh yeah! The druglord superstar You got a new crib, new truck, new car trying to fit in, throwing parties for them big type rap stars But on the other side of town, shit is getting hot, your man got shot and they blew up your tree spot, on 125th and St. Nick, shit is getting thick Your boy got caught in St. Martin with a brick, now he's exile You down to 6 motherf**kas and 3 of them motherf**kas is nothing but suckas I got feds at my door wanna know do I know a black now I ain't never called ya no shit like that, I'm fed up I can't take it no more, you see I'm blazing at the next nigga knocking at my door I heard you're on the run now, D is in the penile ratted your ass out and gave that what, when and how They'd all kill to be where you are, the druglord superstar They found a boy in the sand, it was Poppi your man with his eyes dug out and you must be soft Heard they shot up your car and ransacked your loft, now you need a get away a place to hide, cause your man done snitched on the inside You was on the run like a slave aback in the days, you must have been nodding when they said "Crime don't pay" I got a new gig, here you come again kid, fresh out the dog done did your bid but you can't stay here no more, not in this crib not with the foul way that you choose to live Motherf**ka -- you know what/ Just, just take your shit all right! Just take it! Cause I'm sick of this shit - I can't take it no more just take it, I don't know who the f**k you think you are Thinking you could just come back here and try to enter my life -- like I need you I don�t -- I'm thru with you motherf**ka Just get out! You put me thru too much heartache too much shit I had to go thru -- I can't do it no more

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