all or nothing

all or nothing

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作詞:法橋昂広/Konnie Aoki


Wake up, the choice is up to you Are you just gonna lose, or will you give it everything you got Cry of laugh, tears or joy What are you searching for? This is what I call the gamble 一か八か 命がけの人生 どちらに転ぶのかは 分からないけど 決まりきった勝負と この天命 塗り替える チャンスを掴んで Fame and money seem to mean a lot to you Tell me what is truly what you want Please, God, tell me you still can take a joke Until we find what we really want 転がり落ちて 迷ってたって みんな 生まれたときに ショーはもう 始まってんだ 運命の賽をふって 見届けろ その先 見つめ 運命の賽をふって 裏をかけ どれくらい 価値があるか分からないけど ライフをベットして Look up, the chandelier sees the whole show The sexy lady in the red dress She's coming over in this way Screws up the focus on my play But I won't let you take me away from this game that I enjoy Ready to turn the roulette Let's start this gambling game, Hey dealer, deal out your cards Tell me should I call? Should I not? It's the game for me I'll take any way that leads me to a place I know that life's road will set me free 繰り返しを続けた 駆け引きで 段々 見えたモノ 彷徨い出して 一寸先が暗闇だとしても 生きてきた世の中 イカサマだらけでも 挫けない限り 負けは無いから さぁ 存在 刻め

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