Dispatch The Troops (Album Version)

Dispatch The Troops (Album Version)

Track by Matisyahu


作詞:Matisyahu Miller

作曲:Matisyahu Miller

Daughter of Zion Once precious princess Left her father's house To walk streets that never rest Maybe they'll hear me in the metropolis So I'm sending out an SOS Fighting with her Ta She wants out of this mess And those big city lights Might brighten up the darkness You know that I'm tired and you know that I'm stressed You can't stop me and you can't stop this You could call the police try to make an arrest Today is the day that I repossess Leaving on the first bus that I can get Now its rings around the eyes sopping wet from rain droplets Window shopping for some solace No address and penniless That's the price that youpay for running away from the stress Feeling the pain likes the dance by the DJ Reminds me of a time when things were ok Frightened by her own shadow Now she wants to go home Many names for the one G-d Trotting on, though the facade You were all my children Got a dig for that feeling Love will break through the concealment Strip away the serpent's skin We came to win Dispatch the troops Send out the captain My gem is held captive in the dungeon Don't come back again until you end the mission If it takes a long time Don't lose the vision If you're stuck Check the blueprint Look within Reflection Got to find the rhythm Won't you please return child Where you been? She says I can't come home because he won't let me in And besides we don't need no more friction Used to look so nice, how'd you get so thin? With a heart like ice, it's a heart of sin Skin white like a ghost with a pale complexion Pray to G-d for the dead we need resurrection Don't you know wherever you go thick and thin You are still my children Since you've been gone my soul's been hearting Wondering through this world We are all just boys and girls Many names for one G-d Trotting on, through the facade

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