When I Needed You

When I Needed You

作曲:Ariel Rechtshaid/Tavish Crowe/Nate Campany/Daniel Nigro

What if we could go back?
We could take the words back
You could take my love back
And brush my hair behind my ear
I don't know what you wanted
I tried to be so perfect
I thought that it was worth it
To let myself just disappear
You come to me in dreams
at night
I wake up and I see the light
Sometimes I wish that I could
But not for me, for you
So we could be together, forever
But I know, I know that I won't
change for you
Cause where were you for me
When I needed someone?
When I needed someone?
When I needed you?
When I needed you?
Once upon a time I
Thought you were the hero
I waited for you all night
I closed my eyes and slept for
You kissed me like a sunrise
I feel it through my forehead
I felt it like a goodbye
I'm not myself
Sometimes I wish that I could

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