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July(New / Single Version)

July(New / Single Version)

作詞:Steve Cradock/Simon Fowler/Oscar Harrison/Damon Minchella

作曲:Steve Cradock/Simon Fowler/Oscar Harrison/Damon Minchella

It's warm outside But I can hear the snow Falling on my window I had to go away To somewhere deeper down I know it's my mistake To take off out of this town And June becomes July This road's on fire And my train's running slow It rains against my window I had to get away To somewhere no-one knows I know it's my mistake To take off now in this way And June becomes July <♪> The air is thin When you're above the clouds I see them from my window It's strange to get away now To somewhere no-one goes I know it's my mistake But I don't even know now And June becomes July And June becomes July

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