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Race Against Time Part 2 feat. Ja Rule

Race Against Time Part 2 feat. Ja Rule

Track by Tank


作詞:Jeffrey Atkins/ROBERT MAYS/I.Lorenzo

作曲:Jeffrey Atkins/ROBERT MAYS/I.Lorenzo

Yeah, yeah, uh huh Race against time, ha part two You know, haha, Uh, c'mon Yeah, yeah, yeah, haha Nothin like the future [Verse 1] Guess who's back to personify money, power, and bitches But when bitches been gettin money, that when shit get ridiculous I'm hittin switches like six fo's, bouncin and leanin The west coast seemin, keep the fo' fo' demon And the rock is all stashed up Roll up a little diesel, keep it hashed up Then Holla, Holla at the whores, is hollerin back Let 'em know a few facts like if your ridin, your back's slidin This is the 'Race Against Time' and I ain't got time to waste To give chase, I put a hole in your fin But your head to the barrel like DJ's is spinnin Backward, to blow off the backwood, I'm so hood But what's really hood, when you ain't doin your hood no motherf**kin good, and bein misunderstood I would die if I could, Rule the lion And I'ma keep "ri-da-da-da-da-in" [Chorus - 2X] Race against time, I - can't stop Runnin through the red light - livin my life Even if I'm gettin too hot Still I can't stop - "Ri-da-da-da-din" [Verse 2] Bless the day that the God was born two, twenty-nine, seventy-six This cocaine was heavily mixed And all them niggaz had a fixation for bad reputation For pimpin hoes, and shootin fo, to bring the free basin If this is time erasin, the devil is runnin like Bettis And got his guns out lookin for ways to behead us You can die in a matter of seconds, so I'ma slow it down Turn back the hands of time with the 40 Cal Claimin your style is the realest, so I'ma define the meanin of murder, it's killer You outta your mind, the burner's designed for the fill up No gas, and when I spits like acid smoke weed, but blow ether, spit ashes cause young Rule in his prime like 'Clay Cassius' Hated by the masses, but overwhelmed with love and passion For when I die niggaz keep "ri-da-da-da-din" [Chorus] [Verse 3] If Jesus Christ was criticized, then why not me What the f**k am I special, I struck a deal with the devil Haha, every kid a prophet, which one seem like its logic Me in church, or me in bed with bitches managen I can chase like sergeant, addictive like heroin Outsiders just lookin in, through a barrel that's pinned to the peep hole They seein all or nothin like Jazz from Clisco Hit 'em up and let's go, jump over the threshold I just got married to bangin pistol, drugs and other shit Fell in love with a bitch that I call crime She reminded me that nobody can beat time If you get enough of it nigga So I looked her dead in her eyes and pulled the trigger Thinkin that the music we feel would be somethin different But this the same old criminal vibin I ain't hidin, I'ma keep "ri-da-da-da-din" [Chorus]

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