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She Goin' Up

She Goin' Up

作詞:Chris Brown/Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson/Justin Franks/Bobby Turner

作曲:Chris Brown/Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson/Justin Franks/Bobby Turner

[Verse 1: Chris Brown] Now usually I don't do this But a nigga wanna touch So I'mma take a nigga bitch Got two hundred on the dash A couple hundreds in my pocket But my credit card rich Every night it's somethin' different I started poppin' pills with no prescription 24/7 no a mission, I'm the man with these bitches If you watchin', pay attention You should've left her in the kitchen Now she cookin' up my mama favorite dishes She used to kiss it lot you, now she swallow me Now she missin', got yo nigga reminiscin' While you textin', she complainin' you be stressin' With yo weak ass cuffin', say she feel like she arrested I told her do better, say she open for suggestions I say come over to the crib And put your panties on my dresser And I don't really care I know shit yon hit the fan like a booty in the air I'm with her fuckin' up the sheets now If your niggn bring his ass over here He gettin' beat down Pause, nigga don't act like we boys I bought a strap from D boy My trap house got three floors Better not fuck around with me boy That bullet wound gonna keloid, why you mad nigga [Hook] Got ya girl goin' up, goin' up right now She be rockin' diamonds, fuckin' with designer Red bottoms up right now Got a nigga mad 'cuz you see your bitch chose up Not you Made her life brand now And she aictin' brand now Girl goin' up, she goin' up right now [Verse 2: Tyga] Pussy open yours two doors Logs up like Aventado Raw nigga hot to the core Money long boy, Broke niggas gonna snore And I'm fresh out the store I just bought it 'cuz I'm bored All up on the news in my new girl couture They don't sell that in Nordstrom imported,important Tax out the border, the cash flow enormous, Dubai in endorsements Sources and foursomes Got a bad bitch and she tourin' I got money on my lap Pistol in my back, steaks on my tab Fuck you know about that 500 on a lamb Goin' up, I'm pourin' up She took too much now she throwin' up Came out the top and I'm blazin' Worldwide nigga it's amazin' [Hook] [Verse 3: Chris Brown] Spend a lot, they gonna call the Po Pos on us She puttin' shit up her nose, she in love with the CoCo Dame lo, That ass goin' loco And I ain't gonna interrupt her dancin' But she tumin' up right now Do your thing, we gonna party all night long, baby I'mma do what he won't do I bet he won't sing to you He don't even got a ring for you I got you girl I'mma make you hit them notes When I'm in and out, baby, don't let go [Hook]

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