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Restless Nights

Restless Nights

Track by Karla Bonoff




Could it be that I just called you up that time Cause he made me feel lonely And we, I guess we knew it was a crime But I knew you would hold me right Your love I could never fight CHORUS Those restless nights so warm and wild His touch was ice Your love was fire I know everyone needs to feel they're loved Maybe I asked for too much Sometimes I really felt so pushed and shoved But I never meant to hurt him at all When I slipped you would break my fall CHORUS Maybe I'm a fool But I just can't seem to settle down Always thinking there's another star Maybe that's the key 'Cause love is never really sound And it's the only thing I can do 'Cause I wasn't very good at being true And now I look back at all the broken dreams And wonder if I could have changed them I see that it was in the scheme of things 'Cause still, when I see your face I know nothing will replace CHORUS

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