Track by Bruno Mars


作詞:Bruno Mars/Christopher Brody Brown/James Fauntleroy/Philip Lawrence

She got to shake a little something (Shake a little something) Throwing that thing from left to right side to side She got to have her own money (She got her own money) Shout out to the girls that pay they rent on time * If you ain't here to party take your ass back home If you getting naughty baby here's my phone Slide with your boy to the bar Slide with your boy to the car I been searching everywhere and now here you are ** Ooh chunky Looking for them girls with the big ol hoops That drop it down in daisy dukes (I wanna get down) Yeah them the ones I'm trying to recruit I'm looking at you, yeah you baby Now let me hear you say you're ready (I'm ready) Aww yeah Girl you better have your hair weave strapped on tight 'Cause once we get going we rolling We'll cha cha till the morning So just say alright (Alright) * Repeat ** Repeat You got what I want (I got what you want) Girl you got what I need (I got what you need) 37 27 42 Ooh squeeze all of that in my coupe Girl I, I choose you ** Repeat (x2)

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