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Player's Ball

Player's Ball

Track by OutKast


作詞:Organized Noize/Antwan Patton/André Benjamin

作曲:Organized Noize/Antwan Patton/André Benjamin

Here's a little somethin for the players out there hustlin Gettin down for theirs From East Pointe, College Park, Decatur, DeVries... My man, the scene was so thick Lowriders, Seventy-Seven Sevilles El Do's, nuttin but them 'Llacs All the players (DePorte in the house) all the hustlers I'm talkin bout a black man heaven here YouknowhatI'msayin? Yeah *singing* Cadillacs are comin, from everywhere (yeahhh) Limbo boppin good cause love is in the air To all you players and you pimps smoke out and have a ball And if your hoe is actin crazy -- -- put her on the wall Now now now everybody's dancin and just feelin right I see all of you players got yourselves laid in on ice I hope when all y'all dance is over, can I get onn, yeah My kids'll have a story, that still be told, whoooa, about All the players came, from far and wide Wearin afros and braids, kickin them gangster rides Now I'm here to tell ya, there's a better day When the player ball is happenin, all day eryday

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