In2 My Soul feat. Xavier Boyer from TAHITI 80

In2 My Soul feat. Xavier Boyer from TAHITI 80

作詞:Xavier Boyer


Cavi on the track! Hol' up, smoke something bitch Hol' up, Sweet Jones Goin' down She suck on my dick, lickin' her butt Wife that bitch, she the neighborhood slut You really shouldn't trust me so much That girl love these nuts She told me don't tell, keep it on the low (low) I make her get down on the flo' Show me what you workin' with, gon head twerk it bitch Pussyhole fatter than a Benz with a body kit I do what I please, you do what you can She get on her knees, I won't tell her man It's very thin line between a fuck and a date And if ya playin' with some paper, she might scream rape Statutory is a whole different category We don't do babies, only grown ladies So if you wanna get ya back knocked out Let me hit ya in the butt and then put it in ya mouth It's big pimpin', five or six women Had bitches eatin' pussy with' my dick still in it Groupie hoes eatin' booty holes, thirty five minutes Finished jackin' in they face, while they kiss it, (muah) Imagine, bad bitches all over the mattress with asses like Serena, Trina, face is like Cassie Cum so I can nut and drop and say it taste like candy, so nasty, head game way above average On patron, dro, cocaine and a tablet, let her have it front to back While she tossin' her salad, they call me big dick daddy They love this wood, they say "we fucked a lot of rappers, none this good" Ask my pussy, all I gotta say is get to it And they don't care who there, they just do it Like Pimp C say "give a ho no leeway, bitches do whatever we say, okay" Pimp [x16] She got a big mouth, and she talks too much I got a big dick, that loves to get sucked Now what you think she gon get? If I introduce her mouth to my dick It's gonna be a match made in heaven, something like soul mates We have a lot of sex, but we don't go on dates And I can't tell the homies, I wish I could But I can't cause the bitch is too good I'm a firm believer, she's an overachiever And I know when I see her She don't stop till I skeet her I used to like sex in the bed Then I met them freaky girls that give me super head Now I got everybody jammin' this song, she can get some dick even with her panties on I'm lookin' at her pussy, she can keep it I just want a blow job, can you keep a secret? (biiiitch!) Pimp [x16] Cavi on the track!

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