In My Head

In My Head

Track by Galantis


作詞:Linus 'Style Of Eye' Eklow/Christian 'Bloodshy' Karlsson

作曲:Linus 'Style Of Eye' Eklow/Christian 'Bloodshy' Karlsson

It's been just four days
But it's outta my hands
When I wake alone,
I am catching my breath
And when I close my eyes,
I get lost in your face
I'm gonna fall fall hard,
No I don't give a damn
I wanna love out loud,
But I'm scared to say
It's like a ton of bricks
That won't fade away
I do it for
I do it for you
Now you're in my head,
And it's outta my hands
When you're in my thoughts,
I don't wanna pretend
And I lose control, with you

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