Track by Nulbarich


作詞:Jeremy Quartus/Ryan Octaviano

作曲:Jeremy Quartus/Takeru Yamazaki

How you doing? If I had a spoon 好きな分だけscoop My baby where are you? 越えてく mountain 見つけ出すまで Want ya like a fountain 飲み干したい like a champagne Once I get to know you もうやめれないわ すり抜けてく back street 日がくれちゃう前に 今日もいつも通り おやすみの前に taste the honey This is my request * Going back in my memories A fresh air of the century If you never existed My life would be twisted Don't worry about the distance I'll find your message Gliding with the wind Air through my skin How you doing? I'm walkin down the street Riding on my heart beat 垂れ流す my playlist 解けてく my brain It's a fine day ありえないくらい funny 気分はいつでも sunny The sun comes from the east side See you soon on the west side How you doing in the south side Wait for me on the north side 今日もいつも通り おやすみの前に taste the honey This is my request *Repeat One more sip… One more sip…

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