Message In A Bottle

Message In A Bottle

Track by Ty Dolla $ign

  • 1.Message In A Bottle

作詞:Tyrone Griffin/Darhyl Camper, Jr./Supreme Williams

作曲:Tyrone Griffin/Darhyl Camper, Jr./Supreme Williams

Message in a bottle
Let me get a swallow
Fillin' up my cup
Section full of models
And we goin' up like
it's a Tuesday
Drankin' 'til I'm woozy
Know I'm 'bout that action
It feel like a movie
Henny in my system
In here with the pistol
Middle finger to a hater
And any nigga with him
I just came to blow
a couple bands
Hoes know I'm the man
Lil' baby on a Xan
Rollin' up a strand
'Bout to get high enough
to make my ears pop
It's too strong for that Ziploc
They like,
"You gon' get us kicked out"
Seen the huge stones
in my wrist watch
Got 'em blowin' at me
when I pass by
Starin' like she got a glass eye
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit
Coupe is outside,
too drunk to drive
She said, "I got Uber,
do you want a ride?"
Typed in my address, it led to
some sex, now I'm dressed
Poppin' these Advils and

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