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Track by 2Pac


作詞:T.Shakur - J.Jackson - T.Himes - V.Edwards

作曲:T.Shakur - J.Jackson - T.Himes - V.Edwards

Yeah clear enough for you Is that right Hahahahaha Yeah Hehehehe Why niggaz look mad Is that right Y'all supposed to be happy I'm free Y'all niggaz look like y'all wanted me to stay in jail hahah Hoe bustaz Picture me rolling in my 500 Benz I got no love for these niggaz there's no need to be friends They got me under surveillance that's what somebody be telling Know there's dope bein sold but I ain't the one selling Don't want to be another number I got a fucking gang of weed to keep from going under The federales wanna see me dead niggaz put prices on my head Now I got two Rottwillers by thme bed I feed em lead Now I'm released how will I live Will God forgive me for all the dirt a nigga did to feed kids One life to live it's so hard to be positive when niggaz shooting at your crib Mama I'm still thugging the world is a war zone My homies is inmates and most of them dead wrong Full grown finally a man just scheaming on ways to put some green inside the palms of my empty hands Just picture me rolling Flossing a Benz on rims that isn't stolen My dreams is censored my hopes are gone I'm like a fiend that finally sees when all the dope is gone My nerves is wrecked heart beating and my hands is swollen thinking of the G's I'll be holding picture me rolling Can you see me now Heheheh Move to the side a little bit so you can get a clear picture Can you see it Hahah Pictue me rolling Yeah nigga Ay but peep how my nigga Syke do it to you Guess who's back I got ki's coming from overseas Cost a nigga two hundred G's I'm a street comando Nino for example This lavish lifestyle is hard to handle So I got to floss cause I'm more like a boss playa Thug branded to be a women layer So many playa haters imitaters steady swanging Make me wanna start back banging So I'm caught up in the game dress code changed Packing forty glocks contain them or rearrange All that jealousy and envy coming from my enemies While I'm sippin on Remi in front of black Lexus Chevy's on the roam Ninety six big body sitting on chrome As we head up out the zone stone facing is on You can admire but don't look too long I'm living a dream with triple beams and my pockets bulging It's hard to imagine picture me rolling Picture picture me Rolling picture me rolling Wheeling picture me rolling in Picture me yea yeah Mmm I gots to get the fuck up in it formulate a caper Cause a nigga straight suffering from lack of having paper My bitch fin' to have a bastard see So I needs to hit a lick drastically I see some balding ass niggaz and they slipping in my spot And uh digging the plots so what Checking in the park 'Pac We caught them sleeping he didn't peep you niggaz creeping This how we do it every weekend I dump for madness it's time to count the profit CPO we got the bomb spot nigga time to clock it I get the liquor and you could get the females This crooked shit that we inflicting getting street sales Move smooth as a motherfucker me and my nine I'm as cool as a motherfucker I'm a get mine Now we satisfied got the pockets on swollen Boss Hog and this 'Pac nigga picture us rolling Rolling Picture me rolling Picture me picture me rolling Is y'all ready for me Picture me rolling roll call You know there's some muh fuckers out there I just could not forget about I wanna make sure they can see me Number one on my list Clinton Correctional Facilities All you bitch ass Can you niggaz see me from there Balling on y'all punk ass Picture me rolling baby Yeah all them niggaz up in them cell blocks I told y'all niggaz when I come home it's on Hmm that's right nigga picture me rolling Oh I forgot The D.A. Yeah that bitch had a lot to talk about in court Can the hoe see me from here Can you see me hoe Picture me rolling And all you punk police can you see me Am I clear to you Picture me rolling nigga legit Free like O.J. all day You can't stop me You know I got my niggaz up in this motherfucker Manute Pain Syke Rollcall Mopreme Said all return Can you picture us rolling Can you see me hoe Hehehe Is y'all ready for me We up out this bitch Any time y'all wanna see me again Rewind this track right here close your eyes and picture me rolling


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