Mustang Ranch(Album Version)

Mustang Ranch(Album Version)

作詞:Joe Lewis/Zach Ernst

作曲:Joe Lewis/Zach Ernst

Hey we got a job on our way From Salt Lake City to San Francisco overnight It's a long drive man Ain't nothing to do We were bored on the way Me and Bill up in the front I said 'Man is that a UFO'? He said 'I think it is I think there's two' I said 'Man is that place Mustang Ranch on the way'? He said 'Yeah, let's call 'em up' Called the girl up on the phone She 'hello' I said 'How much would it be For me to come over and get my, my, my, My ham glazed'? She said Wooooooooooooooo How fast does love come for You know its gonna have to come real cheap We pulled up there 'round 7 o'clock in the mornin' Big old fat dude come up Comin' around the car with a gun on his hip He said 'Watcha all want'? 'We just hop in the van to get our ham roasted' He said 'I need to see some id' Showed him id and He got up in the van Dagwood sleeping back there like he always is Dude put his flashlight in his face Dagwood looks over and says 'what's goin' on'? Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy Gonna need some id boys You don't come in here Messin' with my place Went in there And two good ol' bad girls come on Sitting on both sides of me They say 'What's up baby'? I said 'Now what's going with yo'? 'Whatchu want? I said 'I want my ham to get glazed' She said 'Well come here in the back And we'll talk about it' 'Say, you need a threesome' I say 'I only need take one To get my ham glazed' She say 'How much money you got' I say 'I got about twenty dollars' She says Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o You gonna need more than that boy I ain't no bad free wild girl Gonna rock that Ranch to pay Gettin in the way you drink Now Bill got to find wandering eye She came out the back Lookin' fine and he was jealous She took him by the hand And he went back to the jungle room And his teeth were chattering And he was sweating bullets Cause he was so damn scared And she sat him down on the couch Put her hand on his leg And said 'Whatchu wanna do with me'? He says 'I want my ham to be glazed' She says 'How much money you got'? He says 'Twenty dollars' And she says Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo You gonna need more than that boy If you gettin' gonna get with me At the Mustang Ranch you pay Gettin in the way you be


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