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Just in Case

Just in Case

Track by Jaheim


作曲:E. Berkeley/K. Gist/R.L. Huggar

(Chorus) Just in case I don't make it home tonight Let me make love to you for the last time, baby Wanna cherish each moment like the last Cause baby you're all that I have So just in case Think of how we made love almost anywhere Haven't I taken you almost everywhere Think of all the things that, that we shared Then imagine me not there, oh Giving you more carrots than a rabbit Got you living lavish Anything I've got, you can have it Baby I'll do magic I'll do all I can, to keep you satisfied So just in case I don't make it home tonight, baby (Chorus) x2 Haven't I made you feel so special As your man I've held your hand Never letting go Let you hold the keys to the Lex, huh to drive Gave you all you need and more as long as I'm alive Even from the heavens up above I'll shine out our love Too much is never enough Ooh you're all I want Even when I'm gone, your love will carry on It's just that strong So just in case (Chorus) x2 Baby, you know I love you More than anything in this whole world You're my anything, my everything My wife, my queen So if something happens to me There's something you need to know (Chorus till end)

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