Clock Strikes

Clock Strikes

(Magoo) See, them other crews could not figure me It's the Mag and double-ooh, got that fat CD Buck a crystal, hit a nigga with my blunt Philly Fake MC's getting assed like they eatin chili Only way they seem to rap is if they got a Philly Maybe I'm Nicole Brown, cause you really kill me Got away with hittin me, but you ain't O.J. I'm bout to shake up the world like Cassius Clay When I bumble watch your back cause I sting like bee This ain't the Wild Wild West and you ain't Kool Moe Dee Watch a movie now you think that you really Joe Pesci You don't want beef with me, like a diaper I'm messy (Timbaland) I'm that laid back brother they call Timbaland I drive a 850 sometimes a 3-2 Mazda van You can catch me standin in my b-boy stance Or catch me at home watchin Who's the Man? They call robber, cause I pack much heat Don't call me now, because they dig the way I speaks I'm like a genie, because I've been trapped in a bottle I've got more stunts, than that nigga Desperado Come follow, a mad brother where'll there be no sun no sun tomorrow, you be sayin, when can we meet? Uhh uhh My offices hours are nine to five Ain't that right Maganoo, Maganoo? Right... right Chorus: Magoo When the clock strikes, half past two, yeah They'll be dancin, through the night Da-da-da, da, da (HEY!) Da-da-da, da, da (AHH!) Da-da-da, da, da (HEY!) Da da daahhhhhh! (AHH!) (repeat with hey's and ahh's added in regularly throughout) (Timbaland) Now gimme that... And run with the... (AHH) Party people are you ready for Tim and Maganoo As we come, rum & coke, won't you kick a verse too (Magoo) Yo I'm bout to get it started like I'm Hammer then I farted You retarded if you thinkin Brandy really broken hearted I departed doin dirt, lookin up your girl's skirt Keep it Steve Martin style, bustin loose like jerk I get Up like -town, gimme don't say no more Got them scars on my face cause my health be poor You Milli Vanilli, I'm Kurtis Blow like eighty-fo' No I don't want your girl she be suckin my big toe You get death like row, I take a beanie then I jet Peace to Tupac, cause he was dope as it get Twisted but you ain't Keith Sweat and shit got hot Make a block then make a circle then I rock that spot The rappin Don, I make a dyke go straight If you think I'm cute, then you up too late Make no mistake, I'm a question with no answer Riddle me like the Joker get burnt like JoJo dancer Chorus 2X (hey's and ahh's continue for a bit without Magoo) Chorus 1/2

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