No (feat. Butta Verses)

Track byDe La Soul

  • 2004.10.05
  • 4:34


[Yummy] I never can say goodbye No no n-no I, never can say goodbye I, I don't know the rest [Posdonus] We those pros, we never procrastinate (ah) Them guardians they shouldn't let you get past the gate Watch out dawg, the watchdog's showin his teeth (Guess you bit too much shit) they bitin your beat While I speak from experience, hunger and hurt And a little bit of hate from niggaz doin me dirt I just wash it all out with Tide and show love to those who ride with me while I'm puttin in work [Butta Verses] Full-timin it, 8:30 to 6, the graveyard shift The three months before the benefits hit But my position went temp' to perm' I sat and listened like an intern watchin who applied get fired Now I'm sittin in the break room, they gotta make room (make room) My paper stacks, put staples through 'em So I can keep my money together Some die-hard fans just don't want it like, "Put Pos back on it" [Posdonus] I'm back on it, that's why you never disappointed We give you what we live through for real (for real) Don't own a crown but I'm royalty And tryin to see the royalty checks about a half a mil' Whether off or on the chart, my cuts grips your heart (You know we got you open) like your gut splits apart I never pass the buck, my shoulder holds the weights So don't beef when we don't pass collection plates [Butta Verses] I don't give money, I don't support the needy Schooled in America, taught to be greedy And everything ought to be, easy But I never could say goodbye to my friends who get high I wonder why, I'm rockin with that guy, it's serious Still make him cry when the satire's hilarious Cold for your areas, flows come in various shapes and sizes so hot that you despise it [Chorus: Dove] (Yummy) Never last up to bat (no no no no) These skills we don't lack (no no no no) We never fall and pray (no no n-no no) Make all the ladies say (ooh ooh baby) You can't knock the hustle - not at all (no no no no) Can't be budged by your muscle (no no no no) Never ridin on E (no no n-no no) It's De La and Butta V (drive you crazy) [Posdonus] Yo, if you are what you eat; some of you cats heads between your girl's legs a lot cause y'all act too sweet (Go brush your teeth!) Then after that Put in a little more practice on your rhymin attack What you write's not the least bit hot Maybe cause your wrist is so cold from all that ice you cop Hate to hate a playa but you know what? I still smother ya like cheese and rockin leaves freshly cut [Butta Verses] And we the steak and potatoes and De La's the greatest And ladies be on the floor thankin the Lord that He made us I'm tellin you, I swoop her like a pelican do You sayin - look at that pelican fly; you spittin gelatin rhymes They shaky as shit, ugly in the mold you fit We the square peg on the round hole, sound's soulful Your imitation flavor is tofu It's true we make our bed all day, and we are.. [Posdonus] .. the world of rap! Take you back in the days of all four hundred ways that people lack It's that (what) authentic, big-nosed mic music Four to five survive all night to it I'm tryin to keep up with my Jones' and Thomas' 'til I'm broke like them New Year's Eve promises And that's alright, I just penned another sixteen to fill my bank account with the mixed greens [Butta Verses] Moms want 5's and 10's The girls I got is 9's and 10's, VH1 "Behind The Pens" You anticipate greatness from elder statesmen I ch-ch-ch-AHH, like Biz Mark' or Jason I bust one shot just to start the racing The tortoise and the hare, which one there is chasin? Slow and steady, we already Andretti Get ticket take parades, waves and confetti and.. [Chorus] w/ minor variations [Pos] Come on y'all [Yummy: repeat 4X] If the Soul keeps rockin, the streets will keep rockin If the streets keep rockin, the Soul will keep rockin If the streets stop rockin, the Soul will keep rockin If the Soul keeps rockin, the streets will keep rockin


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