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Million Miles From Home

Million Miles From Home

Track by Keziah Jones


作曲:Keziah Jones

A million miles from home I could shoot myself today Set my soul free to roam Upon this beach I lie today Speeking to the sea Dancing with the waves Slipping throught your net And there's nothing you can say A million miles I know Yesterdays frowns were just a phase When my sadness starts to show Yesterdays nouns are verbs today Kissing with the moon Dancing with the sun Blessed is the one Who knows where we'are all from A million miles, a million miles, a million miles A million miles from home, from home A million miles to go In the trees I hear the breeze And when my madness starts to show Try the truth you will succeed If you're fishing out for me We'll see what's cool today 'cause if you're afro's obsolete Then your skin is turning grey A million miles from home A million miles, yeah I hope you find your way, or the way will find you Hope you find your way, your way.

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