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I'm Alive

I'm Alive

Track by Norah Jones

  • 1.I'm Alive



Just sit, and wait Don't move, just hesitate You can hope, and pray You can moan Maybe things will change You feel your soul Get hollowed out While the world implodes You just live without She walks, she runs She fights, almost as one And finds her voice She'll march She has no choice She's crushed by thoughts At night of men Who want her rights And usually win But she's alive Oh, she's alive She's alive Oh, she's alive He screams, he shouts The heads on the TV bow They take the bait They mirror waves of hate They break down walls To free their sins And then their hearts Come caving in Oh I watch, I think I dance and sometimes I drink I sing my songs I'll hope someone sings along If I should break My silent streak Will knives come out To cut my cheek? Oh, I'm alive, yes I'm alive But I'm alive, oh, I'm alive I'm alive, oh, I'm alive Yes, I'm alive, yes, I'm alive I care a lot I know the things I'm not It's alright, it's OK And it's not Maybe things will change

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