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Loveless feat. Ursula Rucker

Loveless feat. Ursula Rucker

Track by 4hero




As we await sister Sun's arrival, child stars you'll listen to my tale, please stay. As it was told to me by my sister afar. Earth her name and this, this is her story: Sister Moon hear me now, I feel my end too soon, too soon! My wounds are deep, gaping, unhealing Can't believe, refused to believe my children had no feelings for me. See them sealing a fate of early death and destruction, watch my my foolish daughters and sons, as they kill me, slowly kill me, quicker kill me. They've loved me as would an unfaithful lover, part-time and half-assed, Now unmasked is their deceit. No more sweet, sneaky thrill seekings. Tomorrow brings nevers and nothings. Ended days for my world and its unchanging ways. Now, apocalyptic truths of revelations hasten our omega my children's and mine. Each time my breath, skin and tears are polluted and poisoned by their careless games and toys and this is only the beginning of my children's sinning. My power is fading. You suck, brother, mother earth's now a plaything for the ungrateful child, so cold. Ten billionfold, my tears. I long for the once adoring embrace of my children their prayers, their care and tenderness has now turned loveless The embrace now an anaconda's grip unmerciful and swift swift with the killing. Killing is a sport Fun with fire and my wondrous rainforests reflect the neglect they have for their main source. They slaughter their sibling blossoms and beasts like the first murderer, Cain, their pure sister oceans will never be the same due to daily spoil and brother sky's choked from oil refinery factory smoke Your mother earth found me, dying, note who's crying now. My power is fading. You suck, brother, mother earth's now a plaything for the ungrateful child so cold. Ten billionfold, my tears. But I'll continue to spin, until my curious home sapien offspring pay the price for their sins against my tainted tears, my breathless breath and once-fertile skins My sons are million-murderers. They kill - I kill one million plus. I never wanted to hurt my children but our creator makes me take revenge. It's the circle of life - or at least, it was. But now it's the end. No, no it's too late for repentance, accept your death sentence. I've given you all I can. Such beauty and life you'll never have again. Now it's the end. Now it's the end. Now it's the end. Now it's the end.

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