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A Different Kind Of Tension

A Different Kind Of Tension

Track by The Strypes


作詞:Ross Farrelly/Josh McClorey/Pete O'Hanlon/Evan Walsh

作曲:Ross Farrelly/Josh McClorey/Pete O'Hanlon/Evan Walsh

At the back of my mind On the tip of my tongue Begging to be forgotten Emphatically written Dramatically read Quoted completely verbatim Pre Chorus Its a spectator sport For the masochists And a grimace on the face of the masses In a side street cafe They can't bear to watch But they're still peering over their glasses Chorus It's a different kind of tension With an audience involved You don't want to draw their attention I'm a coward after all It's a different kind of tension Ears are retracted And cutlery clatters To mask the sound of heart break They can go back To their coffee and cream While I take my leave with a handshake Pre Chorus Chorus Solo

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