AWAの学割 中学生以上の学生ならこんなにおトク!月額980円が月額480円に。まずは1か月無料でお試し!



作曲:Andy Taylor/John Taylor/Robert Palmer/Tony Thompson

I can take you all right now Kick the shit tomorrow too I know what you make me say I know what you make me do Tired of being pushed around By a chemical like you Doesn't matter who you use Dope is what dopers do Pick 'em up and throw 'em down You're a source of revenue Pulverize and snort you up Turn all kinds of shades of blue I could give you all my dough I could lose my life to you Swallow, shoot, inhale or chew Dope is what dopers do I could use another hit Anything you've got'll do I can take you unrefined I can take you cut in two You give me a one track mind Maybe you could make that two I seem to be out of cash Let's make that an i.o.u. Vanish in a cloud of smoke Disappear up a tube Dopin' is a dopers does Dopin' is what dopers do

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