Have U Ever

Have U Ever

Track by MC Lyte


作詞:Allah/Mc Lyte

作曲:Carl-So-Lowe/Jermaine Dupri

Hook: Have you ever, ever in long living life Seen a woman rock the mic Like the one called the lyte (repeat) As I zoom with the z down the avenue Who it be, me less the crew Why you talkin that whoopied doo whoo I'm makin moves, that's smoother than The cream or the sweat from a wet dream Drippin wit vaseline My mabeline left a ring on the scene I got mad peeps down with the tag team Listen you couldn't front it you want to Trying to escape now I'm the one that you're running to Looking at my tag it's about that time For you to get yours, for me to get mine I got our shit poppin wheelies like a ninja The inner of my center, keeps you warm in the winter My placenta is on high overload, my complete context Can get so complex, I might explode On the scene, like a nuclear bomb While the children scream, I'll yellin ring the alarm Hook This is going out to all the ruffnecks And hood rats, jermaine hit me off with the track Yo brat if you're wit me holla let me know where you're at I be the stage wrecker, rhyme Mafessa, feel the pressure, coming Straight off elektra, the shit that be Kicking is off the wall crazy You can't see, what I can see cause you're Blind baby, born a slave die a slave Representing from the cradle to the grave Cause we living in the last day, coming through your tv in 3-d It's the lyte representing for the female species Letting em know that they can't even Hook What do we have here, an impostor Perpetrator, fake playre trying to get on the roster I keep trying to warn em and drop it all on em Rap my collapse, when they attack And drop the bomb on em, blown to dust Either roll with us, or get rushed in, in God we trust Cause it's a must, that I kick it like I hear it Speak it like I see it It's the spirit, I ain't go to see it to believe it I take the form of the rain in a storm As I get warm, like the rays of the sun Here I come, like a hurricane, ready to Be reborn, let me be the first to welcome You to the terrordome, the unknown zone A million miles away from home The clock is ticking, time is up, before the world destructs Or the universe erupt I'ma be the one to lights this motherf**ker up Hook

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