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A Message From Ron Burgundy

A Message From Ron Burgundy

Track by Ron Burgundy


作詞:John Nau/Andrew Feltenstein/Adam McKay

作曲:John Nau/Andrew Feltenstein/Adam McKay

So you've bought the soundtrack to Anchorman 2 Good, you're halfway there Now, before you hit the Play button on your stereo system You need to pick up a little Delta stewardess to have sit in your lap while you listen Or, if you're a gal, then get a world-famous chef to rub your feet If you're a fella who goes the other way, then get a photographer named Barry to rub the knots out of your neck Pause the recording while you lure these people back to your pad Got 'em? Good Now sit back, relax, and get ready to go on a musical voyage that makes Sgt. Pepper's seem like a rejected jingle for Ritz Crackers

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