Funky Monks

Funky Monks

作曲:Anthony Kiedis, Chad Smith, Flea & John Frusciante

There are no monks in my band
There are no saints in this land
I'll be doin' all I can
If I die an honest man
Confusion is my middle name
Ask me again
I'll tell you the same
Persuaded by one sexy dame
No I do not feel no shame
You are on the road
Can I get a little
lovin' from you
Can I get a little
bit of that done did do
You are on the road
Tell me now girl
that you need me too
Tell me now girl
'cause I got a feeling 4 you
Every man has certain needs
Talkin' 'bout them dirty deeds
To these needs I must concede
Livin' by my lonely creed
Woman please know
that I'm good
Know that I did all I could
But yes it's true likelihood
Of being great is not so good
You are on the road

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