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Waste Your Time

Waste Your Time
  • 1.Waste Your Time

作曲:Dillon Deskin

Erase your existence It couldn't matter less I'll take a breath of life And sink into the darkness Forget your intelligence It wouldn't save a thing In a land of invalids With an apathetic king Forgotten sprawl of wasteland A fragile home for some Backwards falling structures An omen of what's to come Memory must fail me Shuffle off this skin Remove all trace of humanness And expose what lies within Let it fall to ruin Let heaven fall apart Through away the emptiness And watch them all depart Let it fall to ruin Let the plagues carry on Throw away your own self worth Cause everything is gone Give in to the pestilence Avoid the rising sun Return to ash from whence you came There's no where left to run You see the world through lenses That block out all reality Someday you may lose them Just another casualty

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