Part Friday Night, Part Sunday Morning

Part Friday Night, Part Sunday Morning

Track by Bryan Adams


作詞:Gretchen Peters/Bryan Adams

作曲:Gretchen Peters/Bryan Adams

Blue eyes and a crooked grin
Face like an angle and a mouth
like sin
Never late but always
in a hurry
Loves to laugh
and hates to worry
Never gonna be a face
in a crowd
Falls too easy
and laughs too loud
She can be a flirt, yeah,
a bit of a teaser
When it come to love,
she's a true believer
Little bit shy,
little bit bold
A little too young,
don't wanna grow old
And if you wanna know what
she's all about
You wanna think deep,
wanna figure her out
A little bit cool,
a little bit corny
She's part Friday night,
part Sunday morning
That's right
Nights are long winter nights
in a cosy fire
Good poker player
but a lousy liar
Roots for the loser
and bets on a winner
A part time saint
and a part time sinner
Little bit shy,

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