Needed Me

Needed Me

Track by Rihanna


作曲:Dijon McFarlane, robyn fenty, Nick Audino, Lewis Hughes, Khaled Rohaim, Adam Feeney, B. Hazard, T. Warbrick, C. Hinshaw & D. Rachel

I was good on my own,
that's the way it was,
that's the way it was
You was good on the low
for a faded fuck,
on some faded love
Shit, what the fuck
you complaining for?
Feeling jaded, huh?
Used to trip off that shit
I was kickin' to you
Had some fun on the run
though I give it to you
But, baby,
don't get it twisted
You was just another nigga
on the hit list
Tryna fix your inner issues
with a bad bitch
Didn't they tell you
that I was a savage?
Fuck your white horse
and a carriage
Bet you never could imagine
Never told you,
you could have it
You needed me
Ooh, you needed me
Feel a little more
and give a little less
Know you hate to confess
But, baby, who,
you needed me

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