Hot Tequila Brown

Hot Tequila Brown

Track by Jamiroquai


作詞:Jason Kay/Derrick Mckenzie/Matthew Johnson/Sola Akingbola/Rob Harris

作曲:Jason Kay/Derrick Mckenzie/Matthew Johnson/Sola Akingbola/Rob Harris

How many times
Can a man watch the sun rise
Over his head
Without feeling free?
How many words
Will fail me in my negligence
To arrest, oh yes
This crazy part of me?
How many fools
Will I let unlock the door
to my heart
When I know that, I know that
They shouldn't have had the key
It's been so long
And the groove in my heart is
nearly gone
Oh, my head's in the clouds
But I'm landing on my feet
Don't shoot me down
Sun shine, shine down
I'm hot tequila brown
Don't shoot me down
I'm stone cold
but I'm lying here
Sun shine, shine down
How many lives
Will I lose on the battle lines
Inside of my mind
I think I've had enough
Don't shoot me down
All I want to see is my
black eyes
turn back to brown
Cross that rubicon
I think I really must
Don't shoot me down

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