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Now Here's You

Now Here's You



I've paid my money and I'm taking my chances I've done my share of city dances If I fall I'll just play on through I deal with love the best as I'm able I keep my cards on top of the table I don't spend much of my time blue (Chorus) And now here's you And now here's you. Here is you There's never been anything that any girl could say There's never been one got to me anyway And I sure thought I knew my heart too I got eyes but I didn't see you coming You could have been just any woman And if you are why am I so blue It must be you (Chorus) When you're not looking is when you're found Love comes looking to spin you around, Round and round I've been in love too much too deep If you don't need loving What's it gonna be It's gotta be, yeah yeah (Chorus to fade)

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