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Easier to Love

Easier to Love

Track by Sister Sledge


作詞:Bernard Edwards/Nile Rodgers

(*) Sometimes it seems that way to me It's easier to love, don't you see (* repeat) Won't somebody please explain Why all the hurt and the pain? Can't you make'em see It's not supposed to be All this beautiful land See the children playing in the sand I put to you this question What you at tolerate destruction? And I don't understand why (* repeat 3 times) What more can I say War is this game to play Give a person a little might Well that don't make him right And I hope and pray Oh please let the children play All this killing each other You should be loving your brother And I don't understand why (* repeat 3 times) Let me hear you say: (I do) I love you (repeat 7 times ad lib) And I don't understand why (* repeat 4 times and fade)

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