Don't Know

Don't Know

Track by Kevin Gates


作詞:Kevin Gates

作曲:Kevin Gates

Pardon the body,
wide body switchin' lanes
me and you are not the same
Keep goin',
steady duckin' methods
Bitch niggas
steady throwin' at me
Swim through it,
goin' for the cheddar
Big dog runnin'
through the letters
Now I got young niggas
slangin' K's, no mistake,
and they know better
Now I got some sons
I done raised, white t-shirts,
rockin' J's
Trap house
through a brick a day,
I meant to say
they be servin' J's
Probably do a nine day
in rocks, clear tech tickin',
that's a watch
Got that out the work,
a cell block
Closed cell restrictions,
Still callin' shots
on the yard,
I don't need a rod,
I am the rod
Believe in God not a bodyguard
Tatted bad,
bought a lotta scars
Cold heart got my body hard
Mills in the lab when I record
M's on the table, got employed
Drop somethin',
perfect timin' for it
To hide my scars
from the next life,
most likely why I dress nice
You tell me you
just burned somethin',
I probably tell you,
'that's nice'
Maneuver through the trenches,
foreign vehicle headlights
Scalp itch while thinkin',
many might believe
that's head lice
Jump out,
don't get star-struck,
clique out,
clip wit'cho car up
Big Gates just gave an order
while sippin' coffee
at Starbucks
Vacuum-seal it all up,
resin resembles sawdust
I'm him, got many nicknames,
they don't know
what to call us
Transforms speak less, yeah
Big drugs, we that, yeah

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