Love Is

Love Is

Track by R. Kelly




Oooh yeah aaah baby
Said I'm feeling pretty good
right now baby (oh boy)
Good about our
lovin' darling listen
Like the world goes
around everyday baby
That is how you spin me
Might as well call me a
telegram baby
'Cause darling that's
just how you send me yeah
I'm might as well take me
a pen and sign a wave
To be yours for the
rest of my life
You rescued me from heartache
just like a savior
Now being in your arms is
like my paradise
Listen baby
Ain't no love like your love
ain't no kiss like your kiss
Felt a whole lot of things
but nothing's ever
felt like this
You're a genie to me baby
the way you grant my wish
And tonight we gonna
let the world hear it
This is how our love is
(you and me forever baby
sing it darlin')
This is how our love is
(can't nobody come between
now baby)
Listen honey
Ain't no dog what we got baby
is one of a kind
We're in the hall of fame
as the greatest
love of all time
So many said that this love
wouldn't last too long
But we've got the victory
darling and proved
them all wrong
Just like the sun comes in
chased away the rain
See I love you boy
you take away my pain
It don't matter where you are

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