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Let's Stay Together (2015 Remaster)

Let's Stay Together (2015 Remaster)

Track by Tina Turner


作詞:Al Green/Al Jackson Jr./William Mitchell

I,I'm so in love with you Whatever you want to do is alright with me Cause you make me feel so brand new I want to spend my life with you It's a dreom,baby,since we've been together Loving you forever is what I need Let me be the one you come running to I'll never be untrue Oh baby, let's,let's stay together Loving you whether, whether Times are good or bad, happy or sad Whether times are good or bad, happy or sad Why,somebody,why people break up And turn around and make up I just can't see You'd never do that to me Would you, baby Cause being around you is all I see Is what I want to do Let's,we ought to stay together Loving you whether,whether Times are good or bod, happy or sad Let's,let's stay together

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