Broken Record

Broken Record

Track by Shakira




I'm older but you're wiser That anyone can see You're patient like no other Has ever been with me Your eyes take me to places I've never dreamt about Your voice is the only music I can't do without There can't be any doubts now We are just too far ahead to look behind And above the good and bad CHORUS I need you to believe in my word I feel like a broken record And I told you 700 times I don't need to keep looking... my search is done Can you put your trust in my word I sound like a broken record And I've said it 700 times I don't need to keep looking... you are the one Your hands that have no mercy Are also my best friends And I can get lost climbing on your legs that never end I found the perfect distance between my body and you And that is, no distance dear if that's all right with you They said we.wouldn't make it, but look at how we've beaten all the odds I just need you To be aware of that... CHORUS I just want you to take a leap of faith I know it's easy to make all the same mistakes But I won't this time, no not this time CHORUS A dozen icy summers were leading me to you I had to hear the liars to recognize the truth Remember the first Christmas It almost seemed untrue You promised that You'd always be with me and I promised too

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