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Summer Bunnies

Summer Bunnies

Track by R. Kelly




Girl, you know you knock me out You're a real girl with your looks now baby Girl you know you knock me out *Summer bunnies drive me crazy (repeat 4 times with ad libs) 1,2,3,4 it's time for me to jet Where ya goin' off to? The beach, that's a bet It's summertime so it's time to get a summer bunny Some of those and I won't call 'em whores 'Cause in the 90s you gotta respect the ladies So step up to 'em and say, we love you sweet Sadie That's how you get your true mock on but Brothers be steppin' up poppin' that sad song Hey don't I know you from somewhere? Can we go somewhere to be alone? I pull up in the lot, pop the trunks Make their heads bob And it's sunny so it's time to get a summer bunny *Repeat It's five o'clock and my voice code is 22 So beep, beep, beep, it's time for me to make a move I'm on my way to a picnic, we got time But I wanna be early, fool So I can catch the new bunnies comin' in Like the old school Strollin' the block so I can check the scenery The sun plays, the day is feelin' good to me I can just semll the funky beats You know the flavor in between the sheets I told my boy Big Al, said just keep it straight Said, I know I got a novelty to validate So who's the bunny lookin' sweet like a honeycomb? He said, "No my brother, you got to get your own" *Repeat This party is packed, word to the mother I love it when there's three bunnies to one brother And wine coolers is what I'm packin' And when I get my buzz on is when I start bunny-jackin' Jackin' fools for their bunnies 'Cause I'm the K, the E, the double L, the Y They wanna get with me And the PAs in the house So check, check, check it out My stomach is growlin' so it's time to get mine on Some soul food, Kool Aid and you know it's on I hate to eat and run but I'm out my homie Been invited to a block party So we roll up in all our style With the brothers yellin', summer bunnies *Repeat Let's break it down - You're lookin' feel good with your boots on, baby (3 times) (ad lib) *Repeat to fade

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