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WITHOUT U feat.4Minute

WITHOUT U feat.4Minute



It's been so long But I still want you here Let me show you how I feel もし今一つだけ 願いかなうなら 君と出会った日に 戻りたいよ 二人で描いてた あの日の夢 指先を すり抜けて 消えていく 君といた あの日々は もう戻らないの? 君の影 消えなくて 探してる 今も 私はずっと あの日にずっと 立ち止まったまま 君との思い出だけ抱いて 歩くよ can't let you go Yo, baby it's been so long I know that I gotta move on This love is slipping away boy It's clear, it's gone But you're the one I'm missing It's from my heart, so listen You're all I want Baby you're my world for real But you had to go I want you back now I need you right now Everything that I said to you that night I'll take it back now Been through the rain And I've been to hell and back I just can't let you go now Let me hold you tight 君といた あの日々に もう戻れないの? 叶わない この願い 逢いたいよ 君に 二人出会った あの日はずっと 消えはしないから 今でもずっと 笑顔でずっと 胸の中の君 ふと見上げた空の色は 悲しくて 二人でいた最後の日を 思い出す Oh I wanna hold you close Right here with me It's been so long but Gotta let you know The times that we had Will still be in my heart I don't wanna let go Let me hold you tight 君といた(uh) あの日々は(yeah) もう戻らないの?(give me one last chance) 君の影(no) 消えなくて(uh) 探してる 今も(everything I need) 私はずっと あの日にずっと 立ち止まったまま 君との思い出だけ抱いて 歩くよ can't let you go Boy you're the one I'm missing It's hard to let it go It hurts that you never came back Guess I have to take it slow This song is from my soul I know that I got to go But I still want you, still need you Hoping you'll come around my way Around my way...

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