Tell Me It's Over

Tell Me It's Over

Track by Avril Lavigne


作曲:Avril Lavigne, Ryan Cabrera, Melissa Bel, Justin Gary & Johan Carlsson

I ain't playing no games
'Cause I've got nothing left to
I'm so tired of circular motions
They leave me dizzy and confused
My heart, oh no, is not your
revolving door
I get stuck spinning and
spinning and spinning
Oh, 'til I collapse on the floor
But every time that you touch me
I forget what we're fighting
Oh, you come and you leave
Shame on me for believing every
word out of your mouth
Tell me it's over
If it's really over
'Cause it don't feel like it's
over whenever you're closing
the door, no
So tell me it's over
Darling you
Oh, you taste so bittersweet
Can't get you off of my lips
You're dangerous when you take
me like a thief
Oh and I
I should let this go

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