Be Careful

Be Careful

Track by Cardi B

  • 1.Be Careful

作詞:Boi-1da/Frank Dukes/Vinylz/Jordan Thorpe/Lauryn Hill/Cardi B

作曲:Boi-1da/Frank Dukes/Vinylz/Jordan Thorpe/Lauryn Hill/Cardi B

Care for me, care for me,
care for me, uh
Yeah, look
I wanna get married,
like the Currys,
Steph and Ayesha shit
But we more like Belly—Tommy
and Keisha shit
Gave you TLC,
you wanna creep and shit
Poured out my whole heart
to a piece of shit
Man, I thought
you would've learned your lesson
'Bout likin' pictures,
not returnin' texts
I guess it's fine, man,
I get the message
You still stutter
after certain questions
You keep in contact
with certain exes
Do you, though, trust me, nigga,
it's cool, though
Said that you was workin',
but you out here chasin' culo
And putas, chillin' poolside,
livin' two lives
I could've did what you did
to me to you a few times
But if I did decide to slide,
find a nigga
Fuck him, suck his dick,
you would've been pissed
But that's not my M.O.,
I'm not that type of bitch
And karma for you is gon' be
who you end up with
You make me sick, nigga
The only man, baby, I adore
I gave you everything,
what's mine is yours
I want you to live your life
of course
But I hope you get
what you dyin' for
Be careful with me,
do you know what you doin'?
Whose feelings that
you're hurtin' and bruisin'?
You gon' gain the whole world
But is it worth the girl that
you're losin'?
Be careful with me
Yeah, it's not a threat,
it's a warnin'
Be careful with me
Yeah, my heart is like a package
with a fragile label on it
Be careful with me
Care for me, care for me
Always said that you'd be
there for me, there for me
Boy, you better treat me
carefully, carefully, look

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