The Glide feat. Raekwon, La The Darkman

The Glide feat. Raekwon, La The Darkman

Track by Method Man


作詞:CLIFFORD SMITH/Robert Diggs/コリー・ウッズ

作曲:CLIFFORD SMITH/Robert Diggs/コリー・ウッズ

(feat. La the Darkman, Raekwon, U-God) [Intro: Raekwon] Wu-Tang... yeah (what up son) you know It's back to that good ol' thing again, you know? (Pass that, pass that, man) Word up, we do this tremendously (It's on, Rae) word up from staircase to stage Yeah... (yo who that?) You know what it is (Oh shit... that's the Wu niggaz man) aiyo [Raekwon] From out the air space, I'm rockin' leather pants in the tenth grade My pen blaze, now we in the wind gate, killin' haze Put this shit back in order, do it like the crack days Stack up, you little niggaz back up, your raps suck I demolish a maggot, faggot lines, nigga, you'se a savage But don't never compare me to your wack times I'll smash your hood up, yeah, anybody you call I straight mash out, for cash nigga, put up The Embassy's calling, Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang Enemies is falling, y'all niggaz ain't good enough Now acknowledge the strength, we stand like buildings In the city, raise that rent up, y'all niggaz gonna give me, baby Yeah, what, fucker, we stomp niggaz out like XUV's Then fuck ya girl in the but-ut Nine rap playboys, see me in the Playboy Mansion With the playboys on, I play rid up [Chorus: La the Darkman] Nigga, we glide when we ride, don't choke when we smoke Disrespect fam, yo ass gon' get smoked We got real money, seven figure deal money I'm in the Samuel Jackson, Time to Kill money [U-God] Yeah, we got them anthems, we handsome and raw All day, cops harass, but we laugh at the law And a fiend got my stash, I blast through your door I caught her with the four, his dame was frozen She loves sniffing coke til her veins is bulging You punk motherfucker, your ribs is frail I've been eating calamari, getting big in jail [La the Darkman] Nigga, we glide when we ride, don't choke when we smoke [Method Man] I got that sidedish super today, eye candy With the sweetest love, one bite, your tooth'll decay I'm moving units like I'm moving the yae, and like they say In this business, you either in it, bitch, or you in the way Sky's the limit, I ain't come here to play, or come to shit where I lay Who in that six blunt, clipping his tray Sippin' some Ice Water, dipping with Rae Tipping these tricks, dripping for pay And knowing half them bitches is gay T.M.I. blowing tree in sky, we on the job So be abvised, that wack niggaz, needing apply S.I., represent til we die, this track is pitching to fry Enter the Dragon, I be spitting that fire Keep ya balls off, so calling you dogs off Cuz word to these jeans, hanging off of my ass, I never fall off The sensei, with this pen I slay Pick up a queen in Miami, then get M.I.A., John Blaze, bitch [Chorus 2X]

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