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Track by AAA



作曲:Public Domain

[27 second instrumental intro] [A.G.] Check me out, get dirty I spit flames and got games to seduce your momma Wanna catch feelings then use the llama, my shit'll go through your armor Every word is deadly like the Unabomber And even at age 9 I was king like Tutankhamen It's 90 bars of heat, I'm harsh on beats Got guns to make you squash the beef, knuckle up and guard your teeth Or pose and throw dose like Leon Spinks The type to burn money money, then pee on minks Trick a G on drinks, three G's on links My medallion's off the milk truck, and my gat still buck Shorty with the baddest attitude see that's the one that will fuck I'm legendary already, rock the Pelle and "Drop it Heavy" [D Flow] For my mob I go all out, the Don stay flossed out It's a fact that we keep cocked gats, foes get crossed out We took the relish, fellas you lost out You the type of nigga that's all mouth, type of nigga I call out Drama I know my crew'll shoot, you shoulda knew the scoop Niggaz couldn't fuck around, with they dick in the hula hoop Give the God room, my verbals sharp like harpoons Plus the Don hard to see like weed smoke in dark rooms [interlude] My nigga A, where you at, this is "Dirty Version" G.D. nigga, bout to step up and rep, B-X baby This is Don year, you hear? Word up [Hehdkrack] We got the block liddocked, glock ciddocked Too smooth to get kniddocked, launder the dough through hip-hop Rocks chiddock, bottles packed to the tip-top Stay fly and high to pocket gridlock Diamond chip watch at 20 a chock and a shot of scotch Drizzy in the club, watchin a nigga with the ox Professional haters, y'all cats can rest with the greatest I rock the family to sleep, send 'em to bed with Sammy Davis [Party Arty] I spit those awkward flows, cruisin in a Porsche slow Floss the dough like Ross Perot fo' sho' motherfuckers Frontin like you want the ruckus, nuttin but a bunch of busters G.D. we smoke tons of dutches Or Garcia Vegas, my squad be in Vegas while y'all bein haters Catch me at the bar with the players Some niggaz rock Armani and gators, we get dirty G.D. shirts, Timbs, doo-rag under my derby [interlude] Yo this is the dirt that rock the party Party Arty and my niggaz D-Flow, word up Everytime we step up we represent and get dirty Word up, who you be nigga? [Party Arty] P, touch niggaz like masturbation, with no procrastinatin Cause a nigga like me mad impatient Facin double life cause I tried to blast the nation Worldwide assassination, ain't Muslim or Mason God against Satan, no fakin, grab the mic with the glove like Gary Payton And drop 30 with 10 assists then reminisce Party Arty the wrong nigga that you in against Gettin rich with benefits to hit yo' bitch with the dick [A.G.] Shit is sick how niggaz snitch and Tone gone Can't stress that, so Finesse tracks is what I zone on Fuck them in his name, see, stuck in the game Tryin to get out, that's when I flip out, and put the hit out I'm the dirt that rock the party ya hardly can guard me I roll with, Party and the sound of God Body D-Flow's down with the mob probably, not a problem Just watchin these other niggaz get sloppy, bet they lock me for armed robbery Before I starve papi, come out on parole Go gold, tell my story on Hard Copy - tune in and check me out Drop hits consecutive, to get executive Flip the predicate, then spit some better shit Ditect the hidden messages, and the lesson is that God, know it all Take a G to a titty bar (and blow it all)

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