Make It Up As I Go (feat. K.Flay)

Make It Up As I Go (feat. K.Flay)

Track by Mike Shinoda


作詞:Brad Delson/Kristine Flaherty/Mike Shinoda

*I keep on running backwards I keep on losing faith I thought I had the answers I thought I knew the way My brother said be patient My mother held my hand I don't know what I'm chasing I don't know who I am Woke up this morning holding my head Thinking last night is one I'll regret Washing off the bad decisions the blurry vision The clues that I'm still a mess Spitting out the taste I have in my mouth Knowing what this all is really about Knowing there's an explanation an expiration I gotta figure shit out **And they're asking me if I can see The darkness down below And I know it's true I say I do when half the time I don't Maybe I can't make what it may take To leave this thing behind But I shut my eyes and cross each line and every time *Repeat Waking in the dead of night I can't sleep Sleeping in the light of day for like weeks Reality was out of focus I could be hopeless Instead I gritted my teeth I didn't have the patience left to explain Didn't wanna wait while nobody came I know the path ahead's uneven But while I'm breathing I have to make my own lane **Repeat *Repeat So I make it up as I go (o-oh, o-oh) I make it up as I go (o-oh, o-oh) So I make it up as I go (o-oh, o-oh) I make it up as I go As I go


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